Cocktail Of The Week: Piña Coladas

When the summer begins to heat up, there’s nothing like a good tropical drink to get you in the summer mood. If only that drink came with a white sandy beach… well, I guess you can’t have everything. You’ll just have to make do with an awesome piña colada – and perhaps a pool if you’re lucky enough to have one. Otherwise, post a picture of the beach on your wall, and look at it while you sip your drink. Breath deep. Exhale. Can you smell the ocean? Almost? Recipe

Cocktail of the Week: Updated Bellini

On a Saturday morning, home alone for the first time in months, what are you going to do? Make brunch of course. Brioche French Toast, sausage, maple syrup, whipped cream. Let’s go overboard here. Because…why not? And what is more necessary to a good brunch than a glass of something sparkling? “Pull out the bubbly!” But it’s also summer time – the time of year when fresh fruit cravings are at their height. But, horrors, there’s none in the house! What to do? Ah, yes! That frozen fruit picked way long ago, that has just been chillin’ waiting to be put to good use. Peaches! Peaches and bubbly! What could be better? Frozen peaches puréed in the food processor with a touch of lime juice, and voilá: peach ‘sorbet’. Put a scoop in the bottom of a champagne glass. Fill (carefully) with bubbly. Stir gently and enjoy. Perfect summer brunch cocktail.

Portrait of a Day on Lake Champlain

A Portrait of Family Vacation

Family vacation this year was a week in the Upper Valley. We had a house in New Hampshire, right on the Connecticut River and not too far from our old town in Vermont. It was good to be home, and the weather was gorgeous. The Amtrak train that went by twice a day kept my 4 year old niece endlessly entertained, and anything that could fit in his mouth kept my 9 month old nephew entertained. Swimming in the river, cocktails on the screen porch; what could be better? (Except the ocean, of course).

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Cocktail of the Week: The Daiquiri

We’ve been finishing the dregs of bottles on our liquor shelf recently (gotta make room for the two HUGE bottles of New Amsterdam gin we just bought). Several of these bottles contained different rums. This called for the experimenting cap, and turned out a couple of tasty drinks. But it also reminded me of my love for a simple daiquiri, so I thought I’d share my version.


Beating the Heat: Sidecar

It’s been really hot here, which of course means we’ve been drinking lots of cold cocktails. One of my favorite drinks is a Sidecar – cognac, bourbon, or rye depending on my mood. Now, it’s not the summeriest of drinks, but it is refreshing, and as we ran out of gin last night I decided to experiment with the bottle of dried lavender buds we just got at Penzey’s Spices. The result? A very tasty Lavender Sidecar. Still searching for a good name. Any suggestions?