A Portrait: H2O

Surface tension is crazy. Did you ever do that experiment in elementary school where you filled a glass with water and then started dropping more water on top, bit by bit, with an eyedropper? You watched in amazement as the water, rather than pouring over like you expected, built into a kind of bubble above the cup. But touch that dome – break the surface tension – and over it flowed. How cool is that? Well, I think it’s pretty cool.

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Portrait of a Day on Lake Champlain

A Portrait of Family Vacation

Family vacation this year was a week in the Upper Valley. We had a house in New Hampshire, right on the Connecticut River and not too far from our old town in Vermont. It was good to be home, and the weather was gorgeous. The Amtrak train that went by twice a day kept my 4 year old niece endlessly entertained, and anything that could fit in his mouth kept my 9 month old nephew entertained. Swimming in the river, cocktails on the screen porch; what could be better? (Except the ocean, of course).

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