Cocktail of the Week: Northern Spye

IMG_9510For those of you who like bitters, I would like to introduce you to a new bitter on the market. It is the Orleans Bitter from Eden Ice Cider of Vermont. The Orleans has the bitterness you expect from this kind of aperitif, but it also has a different and lovely underlying note of apple from the cider that serves as its base. It is lovely sipped alone, on the rocks, but it also pairs quite nicely with rye.

We have a recipe in one of our vintage cocktail books called The Soother, a rum and cognac based drink that calls for a bit of apple juice. This drink got me thinking about adding cider to cocktails; cider got me thinking about the Orleans Bitter, and from there, the Northern Spy was born. 

Northern Spye
Makes 2 drinks

4oz Rye
1tbsp Apple cider
1tbsp Orleans Bitter
1tbsp Lemon juice
1tsp Honey

Combine ingredients in an iced shaker. Shake thoroughly and strain into two rocks glasses. Serve up or with a large ice cube. Garnish with a lemon twist, and a thin slice of apple if you have it.

*I realize my picture may be a bit misleading with the Cointreau in the background. In my first try, I used Cointreau instead of honey. Both renditions are good, but I think the honey is better. Use whichever you prefer.*

Happy Mixing! 🙂

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