The Revelation of French Buttercream


You know how American buttercream frosting is always really sweet (4 cups of sugar?!) and no matter how long you heat and stir it, it never seems to get smooth? You know how those nice bakeries always have really smooth, buttery buttercream? Well, as usual, the French have the culinary answer.

And as usual with the French, the answer is MORE BUTTER (oh yeah, and a few egg yolks). So you’re telling me it can be smoother, richer AND less sweet? Ok, I’m listening. This is the best frosting ever. Hands down. At least in my opinion. But who am I? Just a humble frosting lover.

Downsides up front:

1. This frosting is NOT for piping – trust me, I tried. It melts.

2. Has to be kept pretty cool once your cake is frosted because, again, it melts.

However, these downsides are totally worth getting around for the heaven that is this frosting. Ok, enough of my gushing. I used this recipe and added some cardamom for my chocolate cupcakes. It’s a great source since he has pictures to go with his instructions.

N.B. This frosting is better suited to cupcakes than full-size cakes, since it doesn’t hold up as well as meringue buttercreams. But then, I’m pretty partial to a cupcake. So individual and scrumptious. 🙂

One thought on “The Revelation of French Buttercream

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