The Best Pancakes Ever

I don’t know if you’re one of those people who is constantly disappointed by pancakes; you have an ideal in your head, and pancakes never live up to it. Well, I always used to be that way. I always thought, mmm, pancakes would be tasty. Light, and fluffy and moist. But they were always dense and chewy and often dry. Huge disappointment. Well, if you’re like me, then you have absolutely got to try these pancakes. They are to die for – light, fluffy, almost custardy. Plus they call for next to no flour, which means for those of us who are careful how many carbs we take in, they’re a pretty safe indulgence.

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A Portrait of Family Vacation

Family vacation this year was a week in the Upper Valley. We had a house in New Hampshire, right on the Connecticut River and not too far from our old town in Vermont. It was good to be home, and the weather was gorgeous. The Amtrak train that went by twice a day kept my 4 year old niece endlessly entertained, and anything that could fit in his mouth kept my 9 month old nephew entertained. Swimming in the river, cocktails on the screen porch; what could be better? (Except the ocean, of course).

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