Cocktail of the Week: The Daiquiri

We’ve been finishing the dregs of bottles on our liquor shelf recently (gotta make room for the two HUGE bottles of New Amsterdam gin we just bought). Several of these bottles contained different rums. This called for the experimenting cap, and turned out a couple of tasty drinks. But it also reminded me of my love for a simple daiquiri, so I thought I’d share my version.


Fig and Honeyed-Chevre Tart with Rosemary Shortcrust


The school my mom works at has a couple of fig trees, so, of course, we picked a bunch of figs. They were delicious. Nothing beats fruit picked ripe and eaten fresh from the tree. You can keep your flavorless, California fruit that was picked green and shipped across the country. Anywho, we had so many that we couldn’t eat them all right away, so I made a tart. The recipe was partly inspired by the most recent issue of Fine Cooking and partly by some research I did. We are a low-grain family so we really don’t eat much flour and my first thought was that I would make an almond flour crust. Unfortunately I forgot to set the timer on the blind-bake and – well – it was a disaster. Back to the beginning. This time with a classic short-crust. Melt in your mouth.

Lots. Of. Butter.

If you are one of those people who thinks butter is bad for you, this recipe probably isn’t for you. I suppose you can substitute a different type of crust, but I guarantee it won’t be as good. I say: eat more (good) fat. But, do as you will with the crust – here’s what I did:

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The Perfect Pint

tír na nÓg; Trenton, NJ

Since returning from their 35th anniversary trip to Ireland, my parents have been searching for Guinness that compares to the pints they enjoyed across the Pond. In fact, they have made it into a kind of a job: every new town we go to, the first thing we do is check The Guinness Pub Finder to see what’s around. Since I live with them, I’m along for the ride. Don’t get me wrong, I love Guinness, and this has been a fun learning experience for me. So, what makes a good pint you might ask. Well,

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Beating the Heat: Sidecar

It’s been really hot here, which of course means we’ve been drinking lots of cold cocktails. One of my favorite drinks is a Sidecar – cognac, bourbon, or rye depending on my mood. Now, it’s not the summeriest of drinks, but it is refreshing, and as we ran out of gin last night I decided to experiment with the bottle of dried lavender buds we just got at Penzey’s Spices. The result? A very tasty Lavender Sidecar. Still searching for a good name. Any suggestions?


Urban Animals

I moved from Vermont to New Jersey last November – The Green Mountains for The Jersey Shore? Not an even trade. Not even close, but I make do. Ok, so I don’t actually live on the Jersey Shore. I live in Princeton, which is quite pretty. Some people say Princeton isn’t really New Jersey. I’m not sure where I stand on that one. But, needless to say, I miss Vermont like crazy.

Anyway, it continues to amaze me how much more wildlife I see now that I live in a more urban area. Oxymoron right?

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